Wodenco VBGT Insert


Wodenco VBGT Insert, Single-sided chipbreaker with G-level tolerance is  for precise finishing due to its excellent performance on chip breaking. It is priority choice for finishing with high requirement on chipbreaker.

Popular Models: VBGT110302-SF,  VBGT110304-SF


  • 35° Rhombic insert
  • Single sided
  • Positive rake
  • 5° side clearance
  • 11mm cutting edges
  • Chipbreaker: SF

Wodenco VBGT Insert


Wodenco VBGT Insert
Insert shape  Type  Size (mm)
L ΦI.C S Φd r
SF Precision Machining VBGT110302-SF 11 6.35 3.18 2.8 0.2
VBGT110304-SF 11 6.35 3.18 2.8 0.4
Insert shape  Type  Size (mm)
L ΦI.C S Φd r
HR                                       Roughing VBGT160408-HR 16.5 9.525 4.76 4.4 0.8


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