Wodenco Tungsten Carbide Inserts
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Widely used among workers in various industries, extremely helpful for many businesses.

ISO9001 passed Tungsten Carbide Inserts. Processing methods from precision machining to semi-finishing.

Wodenco Tungsten Carbide Inserts to Delight Your Customers

Wodenco tungsten carbide inserts can be used in high-temperature alloys, machining steels, nonferrous materials, and cast iron. The inserts can resist higher temperatures.

All tungsten carbide inserts are rigorously and accurately tested on well-defined best testing parameters.

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Wodenco: Your Ultimate Tungsten Carbide Inserts Supplier in China

Wodenco is an innovative tungsten carbide inserts manufacturer that specialize in research and development. Wodenco has built reputation for manufacturing and supplying tungsten carbide inserts. It standout because of its quality, reliability and affordability.

Wodenco tungsten carbide inserts are tested extensively to guarantee conformance to specific project requirements. For more than 10 years, Wodenco continuous to commit to offer best tungsten carbide inserts to meet range of application and requirements.

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Wodenco Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Wodenco tungsten carbide inserts are extremely helpful for many businesses. It is very important for construction works as its commonly used for road and bridge construction, oil and mining, and so on.

Whether owned a tooling product business or special project, Wodenco is the place for you.

Wodenco is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide inserts in China. We offer a wide variety of tungsten carbide inserts made of supreme-class raw material.

In compliance with international quality standards, we design and develop cutting tools products. The same goes if we develop your own design of tungsten carbide inserts.

Wodenco tungsten carbide inserts are extremely durable and very efficient. Compared to similar tools, it results a much longer working life. Inserts also provides better surface finish quality on metal parts.

Our tungsten carbide can be used in various applications. Because of that, the tools become a must an essential part of many businesses; cutting works.

In addition, our tungsten carbide inserts have high strength and elastic modulus. Wodenco offers the widest variety of tungsten carbide inserts, different sizes, and shapes.

We also offer customized tungsten carbide inserts at a competitive price. Our expert R&D personnel will help you design your special requirements.

Apart from tungsten carbide inserts, our main products include Indexable milling inserts, Vertical milling cutting inserts, CNC insert, special inserts, and non-standard special-shaped products.

Owing to an expert team of professionals and cutting-edge technology, we produce world-class products for you. Plus, all tungsten carbide inserts are accurately tested on best testing parameters. No worries about quality at all.

Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide inserts, we aim to achieve a consistent reputation in the market. Wodenco strives to develop and grow in the tooling industry. We always provide high-quality products at a more competitive price, fast turnaround, and after-sale service.

We, at Wodenco integrate into research and development, production, marketing, and exporting tungsten carbide inserts and tooling products.

Our company is into advanced production equipment, we have CNC electric self-pressing machine, CNC moulding tool grinding machine, low-pressure vacuum sintering furnace, spray granulation tower, automatic passivation machine, and so on.

With more than 10 years of experience, we had built a solid internal management system. We welcome both, OEM and ODM orders.

Our tungsten carbide inserts are exported to many countries around the world. We are trusted by our customers, here and abroad. For tungsten carbide inserts and other tooling products, Wodenco is your best choice.

If you want to learn more about tungsten carbide inserts, contact Wodenco today.


Positive Angle Tungsten Carbide Inserts With Chip Breaker Groove detail information

Purpose Chip breaker groove Accuracy Recommended cutting amount Features/ Insert shape





Precision machining



fn= 0.01-0.08(mm/r)


Precision turning machining groove

G-level precision, large rake angle design, sharp cutting edge, faster cutting, it is the preferred groove for precision turning of small shaft parts.

R/ L G ap=0.05-2.5(mm)

fn= 0.03-0.25(mm/r)

Recommended groove type of precision boring inserts 

G-level precision, sharp edge, small tip arc, effectively prevent vibration during machining, suitable for precision boring and precision machining of outer circle.

SF G ap=0.05-1(mm)


Precision machining groove type meeting high chip breaking requirements

G-level precision, it is the first choice for precision machining

Finish machining HF M ap=0.1-2(mm)

fn=0.05-0.3 (mm/r)


A universal finishing groove

M-level precision, suitable for internal and external finishing of steel, cast iron and other materials.

EF M ap=0.1-2(mm)

fn=0.05-0.3 (mm/r)


Recommended groove type for finishing of class M stainless steel materials

M-level precision, sharp edge, suitable for finishing of stainless steel, mild steel and other viscous materials.

NF E, G ap=0.05-1(mm)

fn=0.05-0.2 (mm/r)


Recommended groove type for finishing of class S heat resistant  alloy and Titanium alloy materials

E, G-level precision, sharp edge, suitable for finishing of inner hole and outer circle of high temperature alloy materials.

Semi finishing HM M ap=1-4(mm)


Semi-finishing groove with strong generality

M-level precision, suitable for semi finishing of inner hole and outer circle of steel, cast iron and other materials.

EM M ap=1-4(mm)


Recommended groove type for semi-finishing of class M stainless steel materials

M-level accuracy, the elasticity of the cutting edge is better than EF, and the machining efficiency is higher than EF.

Through groove M ap=1-8(mm)


Semi-finishing groove with strong generality

M-level precision, suitable for profiling of steel, cast iron and other materials.

Cast iron processing Grooveless M, G ap=0.3-12(mm)


For cast iron processing

M, G-level precision, high cutting edge strength, suitable for inner hole and outer circle machining of cast iron materials.

Rough machining HR M ap=3-7(mm)


General groove type for rough machining

M-level precision, suitable for rough machining of inner hole and outer circle of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials.

Special groove type M ap=3-10(mm)


Recommended groove type for heavy load machining of class P steel materials

M-level single-sided chip breaker groove, strong cutting edge, high safety, profiling rough machining preferred.

Aluminum alloy machining LC Aluminum alloy G ap=0.02-4.8(mm)


Aluminium machining groove type

G-level accuracy. Large rake angle and relief angle make the cutting edge of the insert sharper, and the cutting is more brisk while ensuring effective chip breaking of the insert.

LH Aluminum alloy machining G ap=0.1-8(mm)


Special groove for aluminum alloy processing

G-level precision, large front angle, surface polishing treatment, effectively prevent built-up edge, can obtain high quality finished surface and long life.

Superhard Insert Grooveless G ap=0.05-0.5(mm)


Special for materials with high hardness and non-ferrous metals

G-level precision, PCBN, PCD superhard materials are welded to the cemented carbide matrix, which is the solution of high hardness and non-ferrous metal processing.


D type Positive Angle Tungsten Carbide Inserts Size Comparison Table

D type positive angle   (ISO) (Inch) Chipbreaker
Insert shape
DCGT Tungsten Carbide Insert

DCMT Tungsten Carbide Insert

DCGX Tungsten Carbide Insert

070202 2 (1.5) 0 -SF
070204 2 (1.5) 1 -HF
070208 2 (1.5) 2 -EF
11T302 3 (2.5) 0 -HM
11T304 3 (2.5) 1 -EM
11T308 3 (2.5) 2 -HR
11T312 3 (2.5) 3 -LH

V type Positive Angle Tungsten Carbide Inserts Size Comparison Table

V type positive angle   (ISO) (Inch) Chipbreaker
Insert shape
110202 2(1.5)0 -USF, -SF, -HF, -NF, -LH, -LC
110204 2(1.5)1
110208 2(1.5)2
110302 220
110304 221
110308 222
160402 330
160404 331
160408 332
160412 333
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