Wodenco TPGB Insert


Wodenco TPGB Insert, TPGB Triangle Positive Fully Ground Insert with Countersunk Hole.  Screw-On Insert.  11 degree relief angle. Single Sided Insert without Chipbreaker suitable for materials that create a short chip.


  • 60°triangle insert
  • 3 insert tip and Cutting edge
  • Positive rake
  • 11° side clearance
  • 6 mm or 11mm cutting edges,R0.2 R0.4  tip
  • Available in a range of radius for finishing, general purpose and rough turning

Wodenco TPGB Insert


Wodenco TPGB insert
Insert shape  Type Size
ΦI.C S   Φd r
TPGB0902□□ 9.6 5.56 2.38 2.5 04/ 08
TPGB270416 27.5 15.875 4.76 5.16 1.6


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