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Best works for finishing to light roughing applications

10+ year’s experience and expertise in milling inserts production

Wodenco Milling Inserts to Complete Cutting Tool Needs

Wodenco offers milling inserts providing 100% satisfaction in the industry. We deliver products to both domestic and overseas markets. With the most advanced manufacturing system and a complete line of units, Wodenco can produce high-quality milling inserts.

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Wodenco: Your Premier Milling Inserts Manufacturer in China

Wodenco has been trusted by customers across the world for more than 10 years. We take advantage of quality material, high tech equipment, reliable quality testing system. We achieved a consistent reputation in the cutting tool market. We are committee to produce an excellent quality cutting tool products and services.

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Wodenco Milling Inserts


Wodenco is a leading manufacturer and supplier of milling inserts in China. Wodenco provides a complete solution for your cutting tool needs.

Wodenco milling inserts are ideal for finishing to light roughing applications. It increased tool life, more consistent, and improve process security, high wear resistance. It also offers a more reliable and predictable tool behavior.

On the other hand, it reduces the cost per component and less downtime. This high-quality component will make quick and easy work for milling operations.

Wodenco range of milling inserts comes in an assortment of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. You will find a variety of inserts, flexible and accurate. For the most common machining application, Wodenco milling inserts provide you best solution. Wodenco offers cutting tool solutions for various application areas.

Wodenco ONHU060407-PM milling insert


Wodenco SDMT insert


wodenco HNMG090608 milling insert

wodenco HNMG090608 CVD

HNMG090608 Milling insert

Wodenco BLMP Inserts

BLMP Insert

745R-2109E-M31 Milling inserts

Wodenco 745R-2109E-M31 Milling inserts

Wodenco ODMT060508 milling inserts

Wodenco ODMT060508 milling inserts

Wodenco APKT09T304R-EM Milling insert

Wodenco APKT09T304R-EM Milling insert


Wodenco milling inserts are designed with regard to the standard terms of precision and performance. For milling operation, you can expect great performance with Wodenco milling inserts.

In addition to our milling inserts, we also offer threading inserts, turning inserts, cutting inserts, CNC inserts, drilling inserts, Vertical milling cutting inserts, PCD inserts, and more other special-shaped inserts and non-standard.

Milling inserts have excellent abrasion and heat resistance. Its toughness is primarily used for rough cutting. Wodenco milling inserts for steel, aluminum, alloy steel, and other material. We have a wide selection of grades to fulfill your cutting insert needs.

Moreover, we can work with you to meet your cutting insert needs. Wodenco can customize milling inserts for special purposes.

Wodenco milling insert

Wodenco Milling insert

Wodenco insert

Wodenco carbide insert Factory

Wodenco Equipment 06

Wodenco equipment 03


Wodenco is able to do that with advanced production equipment. We have a complete line of equipment and materials to produce high-quality products. Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of milling inserts, we can provide excellent cutting tool solutions.

Integrating research and development, production, marketing, and exporting services, Wodenco is able to produce thousands of inserts. With complete production equipment and testing line, we have a perfect internal management system. Our expert team excellently manages and controls production according to advanced standards, passed the ISO9001 quality management system.

From then, we achieved a consistent reputation for producing top quality inserts. We are marketing products to domestic and overseas customers. Wodenco can export milling inserts to your place since we’re exporting products to many countries worldwide.

At Wodenco, our main goal is providing reliable and professional service, aim to meet customer’s satisfaction. With 10+ year’s experience and expertise, we can provide you product your project demand.

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