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Better for machining different metal materials. High-speed machining, high wear resistance and high heat resistance.

Full Certifications Machining Inserts Factory

Wodenco is a professional manufacturer and supplier of machining inserts. Integrated with research and development, and other general service, Wodenco win customers trust. We offer all types of machining inserts, OEM and ODM service.

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Wodenco: Your One-Stop Machining Inserts Supplier in China

Whether need a cutting tools solution for business or a special project, Wodenco is the best factory for you. We have rich expertise and deep knowledge of production. Being a reliable machining insert manufacturer, we make sure all products rigorously checked to required standards. Wodenco manages and controls the process expertly.

On the other hand, we provide custom solutions for cutting tools based on your application demand. We treat our customers fair, new or existing clients, small or large orders. Wodenco is equipped with senior experts and major advanced equipment to manufacture machining inserts. We will 100% support your machining inserts on whole development.

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Wodenco Machining Inserts

Wodenco Cutting Tools Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality machining inserts in China. It is designed with maximum wear resistance, cutting performance, quality, and precision.

Our machining insert can be used in the machining of high-alloy steel, cast materials, aluminum alloys, titanium, and superalloys. It is also applied to different sectors like aerospace and energy technology, automotive and heavy-duty machining sectors.

Being a reliable supplier, Wodenco has the widest range of machining inserts available at affordable prices. We only offer first-class machining inserts to all our customers. Plus, our machining insert is capable of doing numbers of machining equipment and grind productivity to a halt.

Using our machining insert avoids damage to used equipment. Wodenco machining insert is your solution to this costly problem in this industry.

Wodenco designed inserts that can machine high-end carbide insert grades at 15-times speed.

Our product will help you improve your productivity, lessen your budget in maintenance and repair. In selling machining inserts, Wodenco will make sure that you will get enough profit in our products.

Wodenco machining inserts will showcase your brand images and will increase your market. We created these products with the ability to withstand high temperatures during the machining process. We produce a variety of sizes and geometries of these products to fit with existing tool holders. Therefore, no matter where you use it, you can guarantee it perform and work better.

Wodenco shares the passion for this industry in the most advanced way. We provide machining inserts and other products that match the ambitions and goals of your company. Wodenco assures you that our machining inserts are tested carefully in quality, repeatability, customer service, and production versatility.

Our company stocks millions of machining inserts to accommodate all your machining needs. We also have milling, threading, and turning inserts.

Wodenco Cutting Tools Co. Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality machining inserts. We have a full capacity machining insert sales, research, and production. We also produce cemented carbide cutting inserts, grooving inserts, customized inserts, and cermet inserts.

All our products are tested in quality and ISO9001 certified. We have already established business relationships with different companies from different countries.

For so many years, Wodenco has been the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of machining inserts. Whatever you need, we are to provide all the innovative solutions you need. Wodenco can produce various products with your chosen designs and specifications. Our company accepts OEM and ODM.

For 10 years in this industry, Wodenco Cutting Tools Co. Ltd had established a perfect internal management system that controls and manages the standard quality of each product. Our company has achieved a good reputation in both domestic and overseas market by producing premium products.

Our services come in great value and reliable. We make sure that our products provide satisfaction to all our customers. Together, we can create a better future in manufacturing.

Wodenco Cutting Tools Co. Ltd is your reliable manufacturer in China. For inquiries, you can visit us anytime or contact us online.

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