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Offering the highest performance for various working areas. Extremely stable and for hard cutting materials

Machining various metal materials such as steel,  stainless steel, alloys, etc. Leave excellent surface finish


Provide excellent performance in difficult processing of materials

Wodenco has been in the metal cutting tool industry for more than 10 years. As a professional manufacturer and factory in China, we manufacture and supply all types of lathe inserts including carbide inserts, cermet inserts, milling inserts, drilling Insert and more.

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Wodenco: Your No.1 Lathe Inserts Factory in China

Whether you need lathe inserts for your brand, or you need lathe inserts for projects, Wodenco can always satisfy your unique special needs.
Being one of the best lathe inserts manufacturer in China, Wodenco lathe inserts offer at a reasonable price. We can provide a whole solution to support the development of your lathe inserts.

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Wodenco Lathe Inserts

Wodenco is a professional manufacturer of lathe inserts in China. We offer cutting tool solutions at competitive prices. Whether you need lathe inserts for your business or special project demand, you can trust Wodenco.

Our lathe inserts available in different types, including carbide inserts, ceramic lathe inserts, cemented inserts, etc.

All lathe inserts products are made of tougher material offering the highest performance for entire working areas. Wodenco lathe inserts are your best tool material for hard cutting metal parts.

Wodenco wins a good reputation in the market for providing the highest-quality cutting tools. When used for threading, milling, turning, boring, or facing, our lathe inserts leave better finishes on metal parts surface, activate high efficiency. We have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Wodenco lathe inserts are widely used for industrial metal cutting tools. You can purchase the best and latest lathe insert on Wodenco for all your metal cutting needs.

We offer lathe inserts that match your business requirements. All our metal cutting tools and solutions vary upon the shape, category, application, and applicable tools.

Moreover, we can make customize design lathe inserts to exceed your special requirement. Simply email us your artwork, and our technical team will assist you.

All of your ideas will be valued. For large or small volume of orders, expect extremely stable and high performance.

With a keen understanding of the business, Wodenco will help you shape the future of your business. Driven by an excellent management team, we provide industry standards and innovation for the future of manufacturing.

Wodenco has 12 senior experts and more than 10 major equipment to manufacture effective metal cutting tools and solutions represented in more than 30 countries.

Wodenco lathe inserts allow better machining, withstand higher temperatures, great wear, and tear resistance, as well as excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Our lathe inserts have numerous great features that allow high speed and long life. Compared to high-speed steel tools, lathe inserts can resist much longer.

Being a leading manufacturer of lathe inserts, we sure to provide excellent customer service. We aim to meet 100% client satisfaction.

We have the capability to produce affordable lathe inserts for you. Welcome to wholesale our products. We welcome wholesalers and end-users, new and old customers.

Wodenco has more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing cutting tool products. We are very proud to offer high-quality lathe inserts for our own brand label or any needs.

If you are starting up your companies or shops, we will provide very useful metal cutting tools. We are delivering products to various industries.

At Wodenco, our main goal is to experience you stress-free purchasing time that saves your time and money. We are looking forward to working with you. Please contact us today for complete details of Wodenco lathe inserts.


Positive Angle Lathe Inserts With Chip Breaker Groove detail information

Purpose Chip breaker groove Accuracy Recommended cutting amount Features/ Insert shape





Precision machining



fn= 0.01-0.08(mm/r)


Precision turning machining groove

G-level precision, large rake angle design, sharp cutting edge, faster cutting, it is the preferred groove for precision turning of small shaft parts.

R/ L G ap=0.05-2.5(mm)

fn= 0.03-0.25(mm/r)

Recommended groove type of precision boring inserts 

G-level precision, sharp edge, small tip arc, effectively prevent vibration during machining, suitable for precision boring and precision machining of outer circle.

SF G ap=0.05-1(mm)


Precision machining groove type meeting high chip breaking requirements

G-level precision, it is the first choice for precision machining

Finish machining HF M ap=0.1-2(mm)

fn=0.05-0.3 (mm/r)


A universal finishing groove

M-level precision, suitable for internal and external finishing of steel, cast iron and other materials.

EF M ap=0.1-2(mm)

fn=0.05-0.3 (mm/r)


Recommended groove type for finishing of class M stainless steel materials

M-level precision, sharp edge, suitable for finishing of stainless steel, mild steel and other viscous materials.

NF E, G ap=0.05-1(mm)

fn=0.05-0.2 (mm/r)


Recommended groove type for finishing of class S heat resistant  alloy and Titanium alloy materials

E, G-level precision, sharp edge, suitable for finishing of inner hole and outer circle of high temperature alloy materials.

Semi finishing HM M ap=1-4(mm)


Semi-finishing groove with strong generality

M-level precision, suitable for semi finishing of inner hole and outer circle of steel, cast iron and other materials.

EM M ap=1-4(mm)


Recommended groove type for semi-finishing of class M stainless steel materials

M-level accuracy, the elasticity of the cutting edge is better than EF, and the machining efficiency is higher than EF.

Through groove M ap=1-8(mm)


Semi-finishing groove with strong generality

M-level precision, suitable for profiling of steel, cast iron and other materials.

Cast iron processing Grooveless M, G ap=0.3-12(mm)


For cast iron processing

M, G-level precision, high cutting edge strength, suitable for inner hole and outer circle machining of cast iron materials.

Rough machining HR M ap=3-7(mm)


General groove type for rough machining

M-level precision, suitable for rough machining of inner hole and outer circle of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials.

Special groove type M ap=3-10(mm)


Recommended groove type for heavy load machining of class P steel materials

M-level single-sided chip breaker groove, strong cutting edge, high safety, profiling rough machining preferred.

Aluminum alloy machining LC Aluminum alloy G ap=0.02-4.8(mm)


Aluminium machining groove type

H-level accuracy. Large rake angle and relief angle make the cutting edge of the insert sharper, and the cutting is more brisk while ensuring effective chip breaking of the insert.

LH Aluminum alloy machining G ap=0.1-8(mm)


Special groove for aluminum alloy processing

G-level precision, large front angle, surface polishing treatment, effectively prevent built-up edge, can obtain high quality finished surface and long life.

Superhard Insert Grooveless G ap=0.05-0.5(mm)


Special for materials with high hardness and non-ferrous metals

G-level precision, PCBN, PCD superhard materials are welded to the cemented carbide matrix, which is the solution of high hardness and non-ferrous metal processing.


T Type Positive Angle Lathe Inserts Size Comparison Table

T type positive angle   (ISO) (Inch) Chipbreaker
Insert shape
TPGT Lathe Insert

TPGH Lathe Insert

TPGB Lathe Insert

06T102 1.2(1.2)0 -SF, -HF, -EF, -HM, -EM, -HR, -LH
06T104 1.2(1.2)1
06T108 1.2(1.2)2
090202 1.8(1.5)0
090204 1.8(1.5)1
090208 1.8(1.5)2
110202 2(1.5)0
110204 2(1.5)1
110208 2(1.5)2
110302 220
110304 221
110308 222
16T302 30
16T304 31
16T308 32
16T312 33
160400 330
220408 432
220412 433
220416 434
270408 532
270412 533
330612 643
330616 644
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