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Service life is 4-7 times of traditional carbide tools. Can be customize to meet special demand

Wodenco Cermet Inserts to Boom your Revenue

Wodenco cermet inserts exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, excellent resistance to crescent crater wear, and red hardness. Under high-speed cutting conditions, it leaves a smooth finish and effective cuttings.

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Wodenco: Your Professional Cermet Inserts Supplier in China

Whether looking for cermet inserts for a particular project or business needs, Wodenco is your top manufacturer and supplier choice. Wodenco is one of the premier cermet inserts factories with more than 10 years of experience. We have a vast variety of cutting tool inserts offered at a more competitive price. Wodenco is your one-stop-shop solution to support your cermet inserts needs. We will support your cutting tool inserts development from start to finish.

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Wodenco Cermet Inserts

Wodenco is a professional cermet insert manufacturer and supplier in China. Wodenco has more than 10 years of experience in offering cermet inserts and cutting tool products on the market.

Wodenco cermet inserts provide long tool life and excellent surface finish for all machining applications. High surface quality met through a combination of toughness and superior wear resistance.

This will enable you to choose the perfect tools for your demand application. When talking of high-performance cutting, cermet inserts from Wodenco is your best solution.

Wodenco cermet inserts are a combination of ceramic and metallic materials resulting in high abrasion resistance and fracture resistance. The inserts consist of a lot of great features and its service life is 4-7 times of traditional carbide tools.

As one of the leading manufacturers of cermet inserts, we offer the largest product range to the market. There is an extensive range of shapes and sizes for several applications.

Wodenco cermet inserts can be used for turning, milling, threading, and grooving. It is suitable to use for the vapor deposition method to deposit a thin layer of harder materials on the surface of the blade to improve cutting performance.

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, we provide total cutting tool solutions. Complying to international standards, we design and develop the best quality and cost-effective cermet inserts solutions for our customers. Wodenco cermet inserts are produced based on extensive knowledge and competencies.

Being a provider of total solutions, you can surely benefit and enjoy the best possible production conditions. We integrated into research and development, production, marketing, and exporting services.

Not only cermet inserts, but we also offer a comprehensive range of tools including special inserts, carbide turning inserts, Vertical milling cutting inserts, Indexable milling inserts, non-standard special-shaped products – and so on. We also produce various kinds of cermet inserts as per request; technical drawing and sample.

Wodenco has perfect resources including strong R&D capability, high-tech machinery, modern management systems, and an expert team. We strictly built products as per ISO9001 standards. Our cermet inserts are exported to countries around the world.

Wodenco has more than 10 years of experience in the research and development of cutting tools. At present, we have thousands of different types of cutting inserts.

Wodenco is an innovative manufacturer devoted to providing effective and efficient cutting tools. We have the most advanced and major equipment to develop products.

If you are interested in cermet inserts, kindly call our staff. They will advise you on choosing the best solution.

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